The Stormhammer Brigade

"It had finally happened. After months upon months of watching loyal Cygnaran soldiers killed in the streets of Sul under his command, butchered in the name of the Creator of Man, Stryker had decided that it must end at any cost. The traitors to the crown had to be brought to heel; the vicious street to street fighting was too costly on the kingdom's strength with Khador threatening from the north. Some said he finally snapped, that the months of constant bloodshed had drained him of the last dregs of pity for the Menite traitors.

Under the auspices of the title of Lord Commander, Stryker returned to Nemo's labs once more. His old mentor was occupied to the north fighting in Llael to stem Khador's tide, and his laboratory lay unguarded, his assistants left to monitor the experiments there. Taking advantage of his absence, Stryker took control, claiming both the assistants that had helped build the legendary Thunderhead and the ransacked Khadoran war material that had been shipped back to the lab for study after the war was over. Many of the assistants were secret adherents of Cyriss, incorporating their technology and the Maiden's plans into Nemo's experiments; they were overjoyed to have new work.

Utilizing the tougher Khadoran technology, enhanced by the arcane mechanika of Nemo's lab, Stryker was able to create armor on par with anything the northmen could dream of. Whispers abound that the rushed development of the armor resulted in an even poorer safety record that the temperamental Man O' Wars the designs were based on, and that none of those who volunteered for Stryker's new regiment have been heard from again. The rogue witch Alexia has been seen in his company more and more frequently, and that her knowledge of life after death was instrumental to correcting major flaws in the armor. The darkest of rumors hint at a further deal with an Infernal, but no one can bring themselves to believe Stryker would go so far. Still, tales of jet-black horses with manes of fire riding through the streets of Sul strike fear into the hearts of men on both sides of the firing lines.

All that is known for certain is that no living soldier of his new brigade has been seen outside of their armor; indeed, the only troops that are not encased in the new suits are the lab assistants themselves, who occasionally turn up on the field of battle testing weird weaponry that defies belief. But no one dares question Stryker anymore about his motives or his methods. The Lord Commander has tired of losing men in the endless invasion, and he intends to put a stop to it.

He has created the Stormhammer brigade to end the war. No matter what it may cost his soul."

The Stormhammer Brigade Short Stories


Vidrir, The Storm King (aka Vlad 2)

Alanna Ashcroft, the Cold Queen (aka Epic Sorscha)

Vidrir, the Storm King Ascendant (aka Prime Vlad)

Nevash the Terrible (aka Karchev)

Lord Kommander Stryker (aka Prime Irusk)

Epic Lord Kommander Stryker (aka Epic Irusk)

"Lightning" Bill Braddock (aka Prime Butcher)

Epic "Lightning" Bill Braddock (aka Epic Butcher)


Thunderwalker Colossal (aka the Conquest)

The Children of Steel, Tressa and Icabod Ashcroft (aka Juggernaut and Destroyer)

Prototype 09 (aka Beast 09)

Stormbringer Behemoth

Warder Laddermore (aka Spriggan)



Queensguard Infantry (aka Winterguard Infantry)

Preceptors Katanya and Bastian (aka Aiyana and Holt)

The Maiden's Blades (aka Kayazy Assassins)

Man o' War Shocktroopers

Man o' War Demolition Corp

Man o' War Bombardiers

Storm Reaver squads (aka Doom Reavers)

Stormlord Escorts(aka Doom Reaver Unit Attachments)

Storm Mortar (aka Winterguard Mortar)

Mechanikal Minions (aka Mechaniks)


Professor Jacob O'Ennigan (aka Kovnick Joe)

K-9000 Protection Unit (aka the War Dog)


Leonardo Aleistero, Master of the Lab (aka Orin Midwinter, Rogue Inqusitor)

Corvin (aka Gorman di Wulfe)

Battle Engines:

AT-ST Weapons Platform (All-Terrain Swan Terror, aka the Gun Carriage)

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